Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hmm, I don't like that.

So, I started a post the other day. Saved it. Went back to it. Entirely re-wrote it. Entirely. And yet, it has published it under the previous date. Growl. This does not amuse me. So if you've got any interest in reading said mystery post it is UNDER "Rugby". I'm sure there must be a way round this (I don't need lectures on the subject though, ta) but I can't be bothered to look for it, I'd just like a nice big grump thank you very much. ;)

Friday, June 29, 2007


So, I know that many nations enjoy rugby and get passionate about it and all that. And when we arrived in New Zealand and were told that the national religion was rugby, we chortled gently at the wit.
However, we are now faced with being here for the rugby world cup. A world cup that by rights, the All Blacks really should win (no offence to England, Wales, Australia, other nations that at times may have been worthy...lots of offence to France...). New Zealand teams are not known for falling at the final hurdle but the All Blacks and the world cup seems to be a slight nod in that direction.
Everyday, the television tells us how many days to go to the start of the world cup (70 - it's been counting since 100). We have adverts that are just about how much we love the All Blacks (admittedly the tri-nations (with the Springboks and the Wallabies) are going at the moment too making it a little more justifiable) with a tiny weeny nod to their sponsors at the end.
Generally, sport is huge here but half the teams are still nods to the All Blacks (the Tall Blacks are the basketball team, the Black Sticks are the hockey team and the Black Caps are the cricket team. The Silver Ferns (netball) break out a bit but you know their logo has to be the same...)
We're in the midst of the America's Cup at the moment and already there are mutterings about the lower productivity of the country as people are staying up until the early hours to watch the races as they come live from Valencia. And sailing, while big, just doesn't touch rugby. I suspect we will need to plan in the same way for the world cup as we do for earthquakes - enough food and so on in the house that when everything shuts down (which is no bad thing - it happens in January anyway and is pretty cool), we won't be stranded!
(Oh, and for anyone who was feeling that we might be getting more attached to NZ than England, notice how I apologised to Australia and not to France... You can get t-shirts here that say "I support two teams, New Zealand and anyone playing Australia"...)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Favourite Lines in Films

Normally for me a post with a title like this would involve various highly quoted lines from films such as The Princess Bride, The Holy Grail, Star Wars, The Sound of Music... but that is a different post for a different day.

At the moment, there are two lines from two films that I am enjoying very much.

First, "I know that such a legend exists because I made it up" from Miss Potter (for those who haven't seen it, it is a "lovely, gentle film" in my mum's words...).
I love the idea of just making up a legend. Making up any kind of story is something I love but the confidence and self-assurance of making up a legend is wonderful. I think I would like to make up a legend.

Second, "I realised that if I was going to save the world, it would be through cookies" from Stranger Than Fiction. When I was a child, I firmly believed that I was going to change/save the world one way or another. I mostly thought that this would involve being at least vaguely famous in some way and some sort of Nobel prize... The older I get, the more I see that if I were ever going to change the world, it would be through cookies. Or soup. Or hugs. Or chats. Or coffee. Or something like that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today is mine and Husbink's third anniversary. Crazy. Though not as crazy as having known each other for eight years. Surely we aren't old enough to have been in Leeds, at uni, eight years ago?!
I thought I should write something about how wonderful Husbink is (cos he is, I'd probably be in some sort of institution by now without him! (that could, of course, be as a nun!)) but well, I thought he probably speaks well enough for himself through his actions (see Beatrice) and gushing doesn't really do it for me...
Suffice to say that despite some of the hard times in the last three years (mainly my health, his shifts), they have been three fantastic years and each one better than the previous.
Here's to the next (one, three, thirty...)!

Monday, June 25, 2007

C'mon Tiiiiiiiim!

(There are other things I planned to blog about today but perhaps they shall come later)

So, living on the other side of the world we have spent the last few weeks saying "Is it Wimbledon yet?" "Have we missed it?" and feeling slightly adrift from all summery, homely roots... (yes, I gather it isn't all that summery at the moment, apologies)

I have just now turned on the BBC website to see the Henman vs Moya - LIVE - I couldn't not click on it, that isn't allowed, right? I would have been banned on return to the UK or something surely?

And in a few short seconds of scanning the score, ten years worth of Wimbledons came crashing back in...I feel so close to home now!

(But as I still have this really weird pain in my chest from the surgery (they inflate you with CO2 and then it works its way out...causing much pain at times and none at others) I don't think I can keep watching...let me know the score!)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


So I've been trying my hardest not to put more details than people might want to know on here about any of the surgery stuff... So I'll attempt to summarise the hospital stay without any of the ooook.
Sleeping is not easy. Despite the fact that it was a private hospital so I had a room all to myself, they curtained off the door but left it open. Meaning that Mr Not-quite-snoring-but-breathing-loud-enough-to-be-very-disturbing was still extremely audible. Later in the night he became Mr Shouting-in-my-sleep at which point I got my door closed...
I mostly did not sleep. I mostly listened to the strange NZ classical radio station. Which was very good until sometime around 2 in the morning (I think...) when it started to have bizarre stories-to-music things going on...There were two stories about dragons that I didn't quite manage to fathom (and added to the slightly hallucinatory (word?!) sensation I had going on... There was then a very swift adaptation of The Wind in the Willows. That was just rather alarming - especially the noises given to the stoats/weasels...
Probably, that is about as far as I can go without endangering the trying-not-to-gross-people-out thing. Other than to say I was very impressed with the nurses, they were great. And no, I'm not just sucking up to Welshy.
Time for more sleep

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Test One Completed

So I've made it through the "prep" for surgery and while it wasn't a walk in the park, it could have been so much worse than it was... I could share details with you but I doubt even nurse Welshy would be too keen on that!
In an odd way, it feels like the worst is over (which is silly of my, I'm aware) because tomorrow morning it is all up to other people what happens.
Husbink doesn't quite feel the same!
I've got my knitting, an mp3 player full of (mostly) soothing music, a new magazine and a few cards...I think I'll survive hospital!
I'll be back at the weekend. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007


Tonight, I have to start taking some stuff to clear out my bowel in advance of my surgery on Thursday. It isn't going to be the most fun I've ever had but neither do I expect it to be the least fun so I'm not too traumatised.
So, anyway, yesterday we had to pop into the local shopping centre (2nd largest in the country or something like that - for those from Leeds think maybe two Merrion centres, for those from Camb, think a lot smaller than the Grafton Centre...for those from neither, think as you see fit!) to do a few jobs. Husbink suggested we divide and conquer. I assumed this was due to our 3rd anniversary being next week and this being our last chance to do anything about it. So I wandered and found nothing of great interest (3rd anniversary - leather?!) and went to meet Husbink at the allotted time.
When we got back to the car he pulled out the carrier bag he'd been hiding and plucked from inside a very fluffy, mostly purple sheep. "Happy Diarrhoea Day!" he declared with glee. He thought I might need a friend in the middle of the night...and she (as he's named her Beatrice) has a squeaky left foot so I can summon Husbink with her assistance...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Because I've had some time pootling round facebook today, I found this...

I am...

Westley / The Dread Pirate Roberts

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti


So this week has been a week of minor traumas and dilemmas that have served a useful role in distracting me from next week's surgery. Which is something I do quite well. Transferring panic from a big thing to lots of little things.
Thus far I have been traumatised over

  • Our rented washing machine and the bizarre way in which they handle payments
  • Trying to get hold of icky gross preparatory medicine for surgery
  • Continually failing to renew my library book
  • Feeling guilty for not doing any temping
  • Rearranging flights to Sydney to see my bro
  • Driving licences (now that we are staying more than a year we need NZ ones. Or something.)
  • Visas (ok, so these last few do merit some concern of their own)
  • Trying not to get a cold

And the last one has probably been the one I've stressed about least but in some ways would have been the most valid one to worry over... And this morning Husbink woke up with a horrid cold. So I'm now working on pretending I have it and trying to treat it in advance. Which is nice as it involves lots of watching DVDs (proven cure, y'know) and drinking mucho tea and so on.

I'm suspecting I may have gone mad.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Too tired!

So we did some adventuring at the weekend for the first time in quite a while. It was good. It involved a mountain, walks, sitting by the fire, chilling and good times.

Sadly for me it also involved failing to sleep very well at all. And having had another day in the call centre today I'm just too sleepy to tell you all about it properly. So here's one photo and maybe some more details will follow...

Tis Mt Taranaki from our hotel, which was about a third of the way up the mountain at 845m. Nice.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Blogger won't publish my post...despite claiming that it has just isn't I'm seeing if I can wake it up...
Editted to add: well, it seems to be working but I am not trusting it...this may have more to do with my current state of mind than blogger's abilities...


For the past two days, I have worked in a call centre (dun, dun duuuuuuuh!!). I have spoken to somewhere in the region of 300 people from all over the country about whether or not they might be owed money. The company I was working for was pretty naff - really rude, didn't give any information (like where the toilet was...) etc etc. Not what you expect as a temp, normally there are quite clear rules about the information you must give a temp blah blah so you actually know the place quite well. Anyway, it was inbound calls (there is no chance I would do the outbound calling thing unless it was for a really good cause) so not horrific and actually I quite enjoyed talking to so many people. And I hope I brightened some of their days by being friendly rather than officious.
Now I have a slightly sore throat from almost non-stop talking and a generally uncomfortable left ear from the headset. Some people worked at this place permanently. I've no idea how they survived!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ant & Dec

So, as some of you with good memories might recall, I burbled way back here about the whole famous faces issue of moving to a different country - not having Terry or Natasha Kaplinsky or Ant & know, just people you know on t'telly. I've just not watched an entire series of Dancing with the Stars (as they call Strictly Come Dancing here) because I didn't know any of the celebrities involved.
Anyway, this afternoon we got back from a friends birthday and I flicked the telly on a few minutes early for my daily dose of Neighbours. And there were Princes Charles, William and Harry being interviewed. Not very interesting until I realised they were being interviewed by Ant & Dec! Husbink was in a different room and was called with much squeaking of "It's Ant & Dec on t'telly! Ant & Dec on t'telly!" Sadly by the time he made it through, Neighbours had started. He was quite disappointed.
In the UK, Ant & Dec would cause us no excitement at all and as often as not (if not more so) we'd change the channel away from them. But here, where they are a rarity and no one has heard of them, it was VERY exciting! Crazy, aye?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Top Ten Top Tens

So, Husbink and I have a tendency, particularly on long car journeys, to waste a good chunk of time on our "Top Ten..." so here is a Top Ten of our Top Tens....

  1. Top Ten Songs of All Time
  2. Top Ten Songs for Car Journeys
  3. Top Ten Films for watching when you have a cold/hangover/sad day...
  4. Top Ten Books
  5. Top Ten Bands to See Live (mostly that we have not already seen)
  6. Top Ten Holidays
  7. Top Ten Meals
  8. Top Ten things we've done in the last year/month/since getting married...
  9. Top Ten Walks
  10. Top Ten Albums

The books and albums probably cause the most disagreement...