Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As you may know or imagine, a mother's life is full of firsts. Some good - first smile, first roll, first step, first word... Some bad - first cold, first injection, first projectile poo... And in our household, you won't be surprised to hear that there are a number of silly firsts to be celebrated too. Take the Sunday evening just gone.

It was bathtime for Baby-boo. Husbink was getting the water ready and I was getting Baby-boo undressed. I was ahead of Husbink and so ended up cuddling Baby-boo to keep him warm while we waited for the water (he still had a nappy on, I'm not a total idiot and getting piddled/pooed over would not have been a first). Baby-boo was facing over my shoulder, watching Husbink.

Husbink burped. (This was not a first either.) Baby-boo laughed. And laughed. And laughed. That's right, this was the first time Baby-boo realised that burps (and presumably farts) were funny. Clearly it is wired into little boys! This was also the first time that Baby-boo had laughed so much he made himself sick.

The effect of all this though is that Baby-boo does seem to have found his laugh a little more - he's giggled off and on for a while now but it has always taken quite a lot of effort by us to get the laugh out and it has only lasted a few seconds - he seemed to shock himself with it and shut up. Now he's quite confident of his laugh and giggled his was through baby yoga yesterday morning and found "mummy's crazy hair" very funny yesterday afternoon...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Adventures in Absence

Last week, I left Baby-boo. Twice! Goodness!

On Tuesday afternoon, Husbink had some time off revision and had a play with Baby-boo then a walk while I had my hair cut. :) Yay! When I met up with the men-folk afterwards, everyone was very happy. Baby-boo was so happy that he even agreed to just sit on my knee in Costa and Not Have A Boobie. This is still something of an event in my life. Quite often, he'll forget about eating if he's with someone else and being entertained but once he's with me it's boobie, boobie, boobie all the way.
After Costa, we went to Mothercare and spent yet more money on the little chap including getting him a Bumbo. A special seat thingy that helps with posture blahblahblah. We just got it because my back was starting to die with Baby-boo's continual desire to sit up...while not being able to sit up...

Then on Wednesday night I got Baby-boo to bed just after 7pm and went out to home group as they were having a Passover meal. It was very interesting - following the traditional Passover celebration then a lovely big meal followed by a final prayer and response. Really interesting in it's own right and also a really good non-baby thing. I even managed to do non-baby conversation at points.

The weekend has involved lots of adventures for Baby-boo as my parents have been here. He's had lots of play time as well as several cafe opportunities. He's been to an art gallery and, although I missed this bit, he has smiled at portraits that smiled at him. He's also been to Lotherton Hall to see lots of birdies. Perhaps a little overwhelming when he's not really seen normal birds much to be presented with some fairly wacky ones. It's all meant a lot of sleeps as, as my Grannie would say, it's so tiring enjoying yourself!