Monday, April 30, 2007


Today and last Friday, I had two one-off days of temping, doing reception duties for two very different companies. Both of them lacked in actual work to do and so I've done rather a lot of sudoku...
On Friday, it was super organised and all laid out very well and generally friendly and easy to deal with and so on. But due to the nature of the company I was working for, I will never return there. (I had accepted the job before registering the name of the company...let's just say it had "tobacco" in it...). I spent the entire day having to bite my tongue and not ask the staff how they slept at night...
Today was a shambles. They weren't at all prepared for someone coming in. They didn't have a phone list in anything resembling a sane order, the only information they had was written by a previous temp... Fortunately, all the visitors who came seemed to know what they were doing which was a great relief!
I think though, like waitressing, I was not built to be a receptionist. This is not something that surprises me.

Hip hip hooray!

Congratulations to Welsherella and the Tart on their engagement!
It was very exciting to wake up to a rather cryptic but instantly understandable text on Saturday morning. Hip Hip Hooray indeed!

Monday, April 23, 2007

If I don't write a title straight away, I forget...

So anyway.
Husbink and I have just (mostly) wasted the last week of our lives. Not as in the last week ever. As in the week just gone. The way in which we have wasted it may explain why I felt compelled to clarify that...
Last Monday we both felt pretty lousy. Wiped out. Bleugh. So we went to the library to rent some DVDs and accept that we were in need of a couple of "sick days".
Thing is, one of the DVDs we rented was the entire third season of 24. Those you who knew me at the time of the first season (particularly those of you who lived with me during that time) will know the effect it had on me. Those of you who didn't know me then...nice one!
I started watching season two but managed to stay detached enough that a few weeks of holiday broke my resolve. I had successfully avoided any further seasons until now.
So now we both think everyone is watching us, that we are about to uncover a plot of some hideous nature and that either one of us could die any moment. Nice.
I returned all the DVDs to the library today. I didn't want to get any more DVDs out but having had to go round the carpark three times to get a space, I felt compelled to do something more than just drop off the returns. So I just thought I'd check to be sure. And it is ok. They do have season 4...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

That there five things...

So, in my continuing not so chatty mood (but getting a little more so), I thought I'd do the tag that delightful Welsherella left me a wee while ago.
Which is five things that you don't know about me. You all know different things about me...a challenge methinks!

1. When I was eight, I really, really, really wanted to be a geologist when I grew up.
2. Having wanted a horse/horse riding lessons etc etc since a young age, I discovered, aged 18 that I was really rather terrified of them. Well, just roaming ones really.
3. I'm currently wondering how many pairs of socks one person can wear at a time. (Currently on two and not really feeling my toes.)
4. As a young child, I used to believe all of the following: I would one day win an olympic gold medal; I would climb to the top of Mt Everest; I would go to the moon. I think this was mostly to do with a lack of concept of size of world population. I also believed I would become an incredibly calm and serene person one day. There, I was just plain deluded.
5. To my best reckoning, I have been on 87 flights in my life. I am prepared to stand corrected on that one, but probably only by my mum. As she doesn't read this, I feel pretty safe!

So, some of you might know some of them...I did my best!
I tag MM, d/w and Ruth.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holidays, houses, home?

Well, I've not been in a right chatty mood of late and so blogging has fallen by the wayside a little, even since the Scouses went home. I suspect it might continue to for a while so apologies if you keep feeling compelled to check and nothing is there... So I've put in a whole heap of photos to compensate. ;)

Our holiday was fabulous but the first week was exceedingly tiring. We went over to the South Island and indulged in much beautiful scenery along with some good walks, good cake, good wine, amazing drives, animal spotting (birds & seals mostly), lie ins, early starts, beaches, glaciers and fun.

We were then home for the weekend so Husbink could work and I could lead the Easter morning service which was very much a privilege.

We then had a few more chilled nights in Martinborough, just over the hill (we went there before, see here). We pootled on bicycles, went to wineries, ate lots, slept lots, and the Scouses taught us cribbage. We are now addicted. Though we prefer to call it "cabbage".

The Scouses left last Thursday which was very sad. We had a fantabulous time with them and miss them lots.

So a few short hours before the Scouses left, we got a letter telling us we would be kicked out of our house on May 25th. This is not a big problem, barely even a problem, as if we intend to stay, we wanted to move somewhere a bit cheaper anyway and if we are not staying it is two short weeks before Husbink finishes work and we already have several offers of beds for that time. The problem comes that we really must now galvanise our thoughts and decide which it is to be. Should we stay or should we go now? I can argue really convincingly either way at the moment and no one is brave enough to argue back.