Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a high speed update...

...cos I need to be napping!
I went back into hospital again on Wednesday morning with wriggle-bottom's head out of place again and have just come home this morning. It has been very stressful because I just kept being told different things and different midwives/doctors had different levels of paranoia. So at one point it was a c-section on Friday, then Monday, then an induction in theatre in case of emergency, then waiting for it to happen naturally but in hospital in case of home!
I didn't really cope very well with getting sent home today because of having been told so many different things but I'm here now which is really good. I'd like about 24 hours to unwind and get a decent sleep and then I'd really, REALLY like to go into labour! (And it would be kind of cool to go into labour while really wanting it rather than being terrified of it, don't you think?)
Hope you are all well. Thanks for the comments on the last post :) I'm really hoping that the next post will contain pictures of my son!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Want...

  • To Sleep On My Back
  • A Nice Big Glass Of Wine
  • Pate. Any sort really.
  • Brie. In the same meal as the pate. Or not. Anytime really. In a baguette, with bacon and cranberry sauce. On its own. With the wine...
  • Soft Boiled Eggs. Soft Poached Eggs. Sloppy Scrambled Eggs.
  • A Proper Hug From Husbink. Currently, I have to stand side-on and lean, otherwise I can't actually reach him.
  • To Get Out of Bed Without Groaning
  • To Get Out of Bed Without My Hips Popping
  • To Be Able to Walk My Normal Speed/Distance
  • A Large Peanut Butter Sandwich. Or six.
  • An End To The Braxton Hicks. Who thought they were a good idea? "Is it labour? Is It labour now? What about now? That's three hours at 20 minute intervals...are we heading somewhere? Oh, no, they've stopped now..."
  • Most of all, more than any of the other things, more than anything at all ever, I want my baby. I want to hold him, not carry him in my tummy. I want to see his face, not imagine it. I want to tickle his toes, not my tummy where his toes are.

It hasn't been the best of weeks. I spent Wednesday-Friday in hospital because my baby's just too active and won't keep his head down. He was manipulated into position on Thursday morning (fortunately, he was at that point only about three inches away from position so it wasn't a full turn. Still really rather painful and my tummy muscles are only just recovering now. At least they are mostly recovered, I figure going into labour with already sore muscles probably isn't the best.) and managed to stay there until Friday afternoon so I was allowed home. (Actually, there was one fun thing, I've been scanned quite a lot and in one of them they managed to get some pictures of his face. Ok, they don't give much idea of him, but I can sort of look at my baby now.) We went in again on Sunday because he'd shifted a bit, but this time perhaps only half an inch and so following a scan, it was home again. Today, he seems to have stayed still but I still had to ring labour ward with some questions I forgot to ask on Friday or Sunday. It made me feel like a fruitloop. Now I just have to get through tomorrow and I get to see my midwife again on Wednesday. I just want my baby. I want him to be well and safe and in my arms. Everyone due ahead of me (that I know, clearly, not in all the world) has had their babies now (which includes my absolutely gorgeous nephew. I went and bought him extra presents today cos...umm...I wanted to...) so It Is My Turn. Now please. Baby please. Now. Thank you :)